Natural Hog casings

Whether you want to produce smoked, cooked or fresh sausages, Teijsen bv has the right natural casing for you. It goes without saying that all natural casings have been inspected and approved for human consumption. We believe that preparing natural casings for our customers in the sausage industry is a craft. As a partner, we strive to improve our customer’s products everyday by supplying them with the most suitable natural casing and advising them how to process it in an optimal way.

The production facility in China, which is renowned for its expertise, carefully selects and measures the casings, so that we can always rely on a wide variety of high quality calibers with minimal deviation at several lengths. We can respond to any specific requirement like delivering the natural casings bundled in nets, tubes or easy fill or packed in barrels, e-crates or buckets.


Caliber: 2 mm strict selection from 28/30 – 44/+
Quality:AA quality (fat/vein free), A quality.
Length: Besides the traditional minimum length, we supply XXL productions, Up to 14 meter minimum length per piece.
Presentation: Standard bundles in nets, easy fill, tubed or any desired presentation.
Sausage types:Bratwurst, fresh sausage, Pepperoni, Weisswurst, etc.

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