At Teijsen bv, we believe that sausage making is a craft and a delicate process. As we control the whole production chain, we can rely on the expertise of our skilled workers throughout the whole process. We buy our natural casings from the producer and it goes without saying that all casings have been inspected and approved for human consumption. Our Chinese production partner carefully selects, measures and packs the natural casings in conformity with the highest quality standards. Besides that, we have a unique registration system that allows us to trace our products throughout the chain.

Our brand new plant in Zeewolde is equipped with the latest technology and helps us meet the strictest hygienic and safety regulations.
We were very proud to obtain a higher level score on our IFS Food Certification. All our operations are fully compliant with HACCP and IFS Food in order to be able to ensure quality and food safety to our customers and their clients further down the chain.